Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Maggie loves reading and writing poetry and dreams of visiting every museum and historical site in the world. She is particularly intrigued by the intersections of creative writing with different forms of visual art. You can find her admiring the beauty in nature, whether on a sunny or rainy day, or of course competing in ultimate frisbee in Canada. She is beyond excited to launch Pluvia and hopes it can be a safe place for young voices to share their works

Managing Editor

Joyce has been fascinated by stories ever since she was little, and she grew up spending much of her free time reading and writing. She likes fiction in general, but her all-time favorite genre is fantasy. She loves creative writing -- from creating short stories and poems to simply describing things, she finds them all immensely enjoyable. She hopes to continue exploring the beauty of languages and storytelling throughout her high school career.


Marketing + Outreach 

Alyssa used to love reading as a child and has recently begun to pick up her passion for books and literature again. She hopes to one day go into the world of business and commerce to find success. Alyssa spends a majority of her time playing Volleyball or training to get better at Volleyball. However, aside from being completely obsessed with volleyball, she makes time to cook and try new recipes.

Prose Editor

Priscilla is a bookworm, musician, debater and tennis-player. She grew up with a book in front of her eyes at all times and loves to interpret short stories. She is 16 years old and starting junior year in Baden Württemberg, Germany. Priscilla is intrigued by realistic fiction and hopes to amplify the voices of today’s generation. When she’s not playing the piano or cello, you can find her preparing the weekly programs for her own “Literature&Analysis“ School Club or prepping debate speeches. Her favorite school subjects are german, english and ethics. Furthermore, she’s a big “Gilmore Girls“ and “Suits“ fan.


Poetry Editor

Emily is a self-proclaimed glutton who loves to gorge herself on potatoes and fish. Her favourite books are the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard, and Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh. She enjoys editing (but mainly reading) others' works to immerse herself in new worlds and see the unique writing each author brings.

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